Tanya Gets a Pony

How to Tell a Story With Video (and a Pony)

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One of the hardest things for beginning video storytellers to do is figure out what makes a good story “work”. Sure, you may love Star Wars, but it isn’t until you understand “why” you like it, that you can begin to make video stories that people actually like. I’m not saying every video you make has to be perfect, you’ll …


Real Videos Created With WeVideo

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Wondering what kinds of stories you can tell using WeVideo? Get inspired here and see what others are making with the WeVideo online video creation environment. Dark Side of Me, User-Created Music Video Coheed and Cambria’s, Song. Created by YouTube user¬†4816152342 Fan Made Movie Trailer for The Avengers Made by YouTube user,¬†0210eddie, this Avengers movie trailer was created using WeVideo. …