Demons and Coffee Stains: The Perfect Scary Pop Up Video

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WeVideo Scary Video Imagine this for a moment: You’re sitting at the kitchen table and you have a spare minute so you innocently open up your computer and check your email. With a quick skim through, you’re happy to see a good friend has forwarded you something with the subject line “MUST WATCH.”

Your brain starts spinning as to what could be so important, and the excitement builds not knowing what this email could possibly hold inside? Without thinking, you immediately open the email and access the video.

…The video starts playing, you’re instructed to turn up the sound on your speakers, get close to the screen and watch very closely as you’re pre-warned that what is about to happen just can’t be missed, and of course you’ve been recommended by your find so it must be good.

You’re watching this shadowed room, you can see a bed on the right with random clothes just thrown on, some even hanging off the side, what seems to be a doorway on the left and a small white rocking chair positioned in the middle of the room at an angle to the camera shot?

All is still and quiet with a faint noise in the back that you just can’t make out… there is a green tint to the room and it seems very peaceful. You continue to watch, but can’t make out what was so important to watch? You’re about to click away when you suddenly notice the chair starting to rock, you see a swift white flash and AAARRRGGHHH!!!!


…You open your eyes. You’re on the floor. Your heart beating up against your ribs, and as you come round, you remember to start breathing again. That’s when you notice freshly spilt coffee dripping off the other side of the table all over the floor.

So what just happened?

Well my friend, you just witnessed the world wide viral effect of the ‘Scary pop up movie’ or as many call them Screamers. It doesn’t matter if you’ve seen them before or not because they typically get you every time no matter how much you prepare for them. And the best part is these videos are SO easy to make. Want to scare your friends?

Create you own Scary Pop Up Movie!

  1. Find yourself a scary face picture: This is the most important part! as this is the image that needs to scare the pants off the poor viewer (insert sinister laughter) This can be any type of zombie face or famous horror movie head shots. It’s best if it has a dark background so the face POPS out better.
  2. The image or lead in video: Now be creative, use anything that requires someone to concentrate. Spot the difference, optical illusion, ghost video, movie trailer, cute kittens, popular product review. My favorite is an eye test where the words get smaller towards the bottom requiring natural concentration and getting the viewer close to the screen.
  3. You need a free and easy to use video editing tool: (such as WeVideo for example)
  4. Audio clip: This is the scream or roar used to really ignite the scare factor into overdrive! Think ‘spine chilling screech’ when selecting one!
  5. Now put it all together: Use your video editor to add the video or image to get concentration, then insert the scary image and scream anywhere between 30 seconds and one minute for the best effect. Now simply finalize and send to a friend!

No doubt about it, this sounds very simple…and it is.  But you should really try to be as creative as possible. Reason is, these have been out for a while now, so many may be expecting these to be screamer videos. So don’t ask to turn up the speakers or to get close to the screen, simply choose the right image or video to make the viewer do such. …The fewer hints the better! Mwahahaha.