Christina McCann

Creating a fun video from “The Future” to share expectations with 6th grade students

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Meet Christina McCann from Boulder Valley School District in Boulder, Colorado! She is a school counselor, 1:Web coordinator, and a Jane of all Trades. She’s constantly finding creative and engaging ways to connect her students with the world through technology. Read about how she created these videos with the school principal to create an exciting and meaningful video message loved …

WeVideo Essentials

What will your students do with 650,000+ media assets at their fingertips? Introducing WeVideo Essentials

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Fourth graders in San Francisco, CA bring their imagination to life with WeVideo Essentials. The Internet is supposed to put the world’s accumulated knowledge at your students’ fingertips. So why must young video creators waste 30 frustrating minutes in the wilderness searching for a ten-second clip of a spiral galaxy, only to then be told that they are violating someone’s …

Classroom Classmate Insight Education Digital Concept

Deeper learning demands deeper justification from edtech tools

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There is a tendency, by both edtech vendors and users, to excitedly describe technology tools in terms of product features and benefits, faddish jargon and technical fireworks. When the conversation turns to the educational value of edtech tools, questions raised tend to be answered by positing a connection between the edtech tool to specific curriculum requirements or standards. For school …


WeVideo now works with your school’s LMS

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One thing we know for sure is that the best edtech tools are ones that are easy-to-use, accessible, and blend seamlessly with the classroom environment. That is why we are so excited to announce that WeVideo now integrates directly with two of the most popular Learning Management Systems, Schoology and Canvas. This valuable enhancement is free to WeVideo for School …

Student finds voice through digital storytelling

Authenticity powers remarkable student digital story

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First-year BFA Film student Sara Hernandez Vallejo created this moving video as part of her first film class at the University of Central Florida’s School of Visual Arts & Design. As a full-time associate instructor and Graduate Scholar in the film production program at the University of Central Florida’s School of Visual Arts & Design, Orlando, Lisa Peterson has the …


What are educators saying about the impact of video creation in their classrooms?

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A summary of the 2018 Educators on Video in the Classroom study: Teaching video creation skills provides a unique opportunity to shift a student’s perspective from a passive consumer of content to an engaged, empowered originator and owner of ideas. These are traits valued in higher education and the modern workplace. Video creation and consumption are becoming increasingly integral to …

WeVideo Green Screen T-Shirts

A t-shirt for your thoughts

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At WeVideo, we believe that video creation is more than a tool for completing assignments. It is a path to creative problem solving, higher level thinking, and student voice.  With your help, we want to motivate all teachers and students to use the full potential of WeVideo’s learning platform to empower students to be creators and help them to actively …

Student video creation

Student Video Creation: 5 ways to ensure it aligns with district-tier goals

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While much is made of the value of video creation in the classroom, school and district administrators are concerned about bigger, broader, clearly demonstrable results that reach across their entire student body. Additionally, it’s important to highlight the level of rigor, thinking, and multi-dimensional learning that occurs through the video creation process. Dr. Nathan Lang, WeVideo’s chief education officer, had …

Reach your business goals with square video

Shape Matters: Create, publish and share square video with all WeVideo individual & business subscription plans

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Video dominates our social feeds these days. Facebook users alone watch 100 million hours of video per day. But while we love video, both for personal sharing and business engagement, not all video is created equal. Quality and content (and of course, cute cats) matter, but did you know that the shape of your videos matters, too? Facebook recommends square …

GEG Film Festival student winners

Insider’s View: The GEG Film Festival Seen from the Big Stage

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WeVideo was very proud to continue its ongoing sponsorship of the Google Education Group Film Festival. This special annual event is a remarkable showcase of the creative talent of students. It is also a fantastic resource for educators interested in having their eyes opened to all the potential video creation has to offer, with incredible panels by some of the …