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Sony Camcorder Customers Aim for the Cloud As The World Becomes More Media Savvy

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The average consumer making “online videos” today likely has no idea about the total amount of work and time it used to take to make videos: you needed to digitize, edit, render, export, and share said videos. Personally, I remember the days of online and offline edits and waiting for previews to render, and I’m continuously impressed by advances in video production. It used to …


How To Make a Great Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift [DIY]

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It’s nearly Valentine’s Day (or your significant other’s birthday, or your anniversary, or Arbor Day)… the point is… you forgot. Don’t worry, there’s still time to make a thoughtful gift at the last minute. Here’s how: Upload Your Personal Videos and Pictures Sign up for a free WeVideo account and start uploading video and pictures of you and your significant other. If …


Quick Tips for Better New Year’s Party Videos

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New Year’s parties are the perfect place to make memorable videos. Whether you’re attending a party with friends and family or an event with co-workers, here are some quick tips to making your New Year’s Party Videos better. During the Party Start Recording Early: Be sure to record your interviews early in the evening. Not everyone is at their best …


Quick Tips for Great Christmas Morning Family Videos

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Christmas morning is a great time to capture special family moments and now, with your cell phone’s camera and a simple video editor like WeVideo, you can shoot, edit and publish your family’s Christmas before lunch. Here are some quick tips for making a great Christmas morning video. Christmas Morning Record the Early Moments: Before the kids wake up (if …

Video Christmas Cards

Video Greeting Cards You Can Create and Send for the Holidays

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Creating and sending video greeting cards puts a modern twist on the traditional holiday exchange of cards. But video allows you not just to tell Grandma how big the kids are getting, but show her as well. The people you care about would much rather get a video greeting card than canned Hallmark sentimentality, because the words are your own. …


3 of the Scariest Ghost Videos

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It’s nearly Halloween, and it would be silly not to discuss some of the world’s most famous ghost sightings and actual video encounters. As I’m writing this, I’ve already been out and done my fair share of research. Which is great for you because what I have to show you will quite frankly have you looking over your shoulder for …

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Creating a Scary Pop Up Video

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Imagine this, you’re sitting at the kitchen table and you have a spare minute. You innocently open up your computer and check your email. With a quick skim through, you’re happy to see a good friend has forwarded you something with the subject line “You HAVE to watch this!” Your brain starts spinning as to what could be so important, and …


Become a Video Pro by Learning from Successful Amateurs

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In a quickly rising trend, online video is starting to dominate the way savvy businesses leverage their marketing plans over their competitors. In fact, you might be surprised to know that individuals without any formal training whatsoever have been even more successful at making a name for themselves; performing various nifty tricks or bringing their audiences something with which they …