Using Text in Video or Film

Using Text in Your Video

Movies and videos are often remembered for the images, storylines, and musical accompaniment. You may not realize, though, that text can help tell the story just as much as the images. What would a newscast be without the name of the person being interviewed at the bottom of the screen? Can you imagine the latest action film without the opening title …

The Ultimate Free Video Editor Comparison

The Ultimate Free Video Editor Comparison

Are your video clips and pictures just begging to be turned into an engaging video? This guide will help you navigate the current offerings of free online video editors so you can choose the one that is right for you.

Ken Burns Effect Video Editing

Being Ken Burns: Using Static Photos in Your Videos

Adding a still image among video clips can stop the flow of your story, jolt the viewer and give your video a slideshow feel. One way to introduce movement is to apply the Ken Burns Effect, an effect that simulates the movement of a camera when recording footage. This effect is named after the filmmaker that made this his signature …

WeVideo Android Video Editing App

Newly Reimagined Video Editing App for Android

The original WeVideo Video Editor Android app reached more than 2 million downloads from the Google Play store. We believe that the Android platform has grown into a full-blown mobile production studio for all storytellers, enabling video creation anywhere, anytime. With that, we are excited to introduce the newly reimagined WeVideo Video Editor. Built from the ground up, the app …

NextVista Student Contests

Revising and Liking It!

A trick question for you: Between great devices and tools for everyone in class, or a tech-less project that would help students see new possibilities for themselves, which would you choose? If you were to face such a choice, you’d choose the second option because it matches what you do as a teacher. The problem with the choice, though, is …

Tips for recording better video

3 Tips to Record Better Videos

Mobile devices have become the go-to video recorder for most people. With the cameras in phones becoming better and better why wouldn’t you use your mobile devices to capture video? Check out these tips to help you make the most out of your phone’s camera. 1. Keep shots short No one wants to sit through 8 hours of continuous video …

How to Create a Video Business Card

How to Create a Video Business Card

Business cards have come a long way from their origins in 15th century China. Used to exchange information and forge relationships, business cards have become an integral part of networking in the business world. As digital media saturates our everyday lives, it’s time for the standard business card to join the 21st century. This doesn’t mean you should ditch the …

Updates to WeVideo for Chrome

New: Screen Recording, Markers with Comments and More!

Are you ready for another round of updates from our product team? They have been hard at work bringing you some frequently requested features and tools, and some you may not have thought of but won’t be able to live without! Read about the new changes then dive in and give them a try. We can’t wait to hear what …

Digital Storytelling: My Foodie Vacation

Digital Storytelling: My Foodie Vacation

We’ve all been there. You get back from your vacation and you realize you took nearly 1,000 pictures and video clips! How did that happen? Your family and friends don’t want to sit through a slideshow of all 1,000 snaps. That could take all day! Take a look at all of those memories and look for a common theme. Did you …

Semester at Sea Map

Digital Storytelling: My Semester at Sea

In the Fall of 2014, Sarah P. embarked on the opportunity of a lifetime. She boarded a ship with approximately 700 other college students to travel the world while learning things you can’t learn from a textbook. Sarah was taking part in Semester at Sea, a global study abroad program sponsored by the University of Virginia. She and the other students, …