From the Buggles to Beyonce: WeVideo Transforms Teaching & Learning

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In 1981, MTV premiered its first music video,“Video Killed the Radio Star,” by the Buggles.  The technopop earworm mourned the end of an era and mistakenly predicted that the rise in the popularity of video and adding a visual element to music would kill or put an end to musicians. Fast-forward to 2016, where few if any music videos are played …


What are your students creating?

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As an integration specialist and educator, I love when students create.  When students are creating, something amazing happens, they own their learning.  Their quest for knowledge becomes unstoppable and learning is authentic to them!  This is where WeVideo comes in!  WeVideo brings a relevant and meaningful way for students to create their own learning. As I work with educators throughout …

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Learning a new language

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We live in a world where borders are slowly vanishing and where you were born and where you grew up doesn’t really matter. Without knowing it, you probably have co-workers from across the globe and students that are used to speaking English at school and another language at home. Being multilingual has several advantages, but learning a new language can …


Video as a project

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Having video as a project can be an exciting introduction to video production for the students who are new to video editing, but it can also be a great challenge for the more experienced students.  The many roles you will find in an advanced video production gives students the possibility to excel whether their talent is behind or in front …

Make Presentations Fun, Not Scary!

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Giving a presentation can, for many students, be worse than going to the dentist or holding a poisonous snake. You might recognize the feeling: Practicing over and over again at home in front of the mirror until you’ve memorized every slide. But then, when the big day arrives and you’re standing in front of your classmates, it is all forgotten …

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4 Ways to Engage Your Students Using Video

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Capturing the attention of a young and energetic crowd can be very challenging, as can be finding new and engaging ways to teach the same curriculum from last semester or last year. If you’ve considered using video in your classroom to help your students achieve their learning goals, you’re halfway to an incredible new teaching opportunity! Overwhelmed by all the …


Voice over video: part 2

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This is the second installment in our voiceover series. Part 1 covers how to choose the proper gear and location. Now that you’ve found the right recording space, it’s time to set up your gear and get ready to record. Grab your computer, headphones, mic, script, and a glass of water (or two). Technical setup Plug in your mic and …

Voice over video: part 1

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While you’re planning your next video project, nailing the message and visuals is important—but have you considered adding your voice? All videos are created to share a message. Your own narration can help that message stand out. Why should I add a voiceover to my video? It serves as a foundation for the visuals. It can help clarify what is …

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How To Film A Successful Crowdfunding Video

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Crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo have raised billions of dollars for thousands of entrepreneurs, and have become a viable (and often, the most popular) method of startup financing. But while thousands of people have benefitted from crowdfunding campaigns, many thousands more have reached the end of their campaigns empty-handed. What makes a crowdfunding campaign successful? There are a lot of …


How To Create A Tutorial Video In 3 Easy Steps

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If you’re an expert at something, there’s an audience out there waiting to learn your skills. Whether you’re demonstrating how to use a product you’ve created or helping people DIY a home project, tutorial videos are an extremely popular and easy way to gain exposure for yourself or your business. The structure of your tutorial video will depend heavily on …