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Holistic ABCs: Affective, Behavioral, and Cognitive Domains

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Too often when sitting in rows, students do not have enough opportunity to practice social interaction. Video projects provide opportunities for young people to collaborate on content-related topics while honing their social skills. When learning, we need to reflect on the learning itself to actually grow from it. Fast-paced societies allow far too little time for such reflection, especially in our youth. Teachers feel …

Collaborative Podcasting

Collaborative Podcasting

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What does collaborative learning look like? For the last eighteen weeks, students in my History of Rock and Popular Music class have been researching classic rock bands and reading broadway bibliographies in a completely digital hybrid learning environment with technologies such as Kidblog, Smore, iPads, and Google Apps for Education. For the final project in this class, students formed small groups …

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Incorporating Video Activities into the Curriculum

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  When I am creating a long-term assignment or project for my students, I am looking for the student teams to engage in the processes of planning and organizing through discussion. Because these are long-term projects, I also expect more thought to go into the outcome. Using information and communications technology (ICT), I am hoping that the creative process includes active listening …


Teach Less, Learn More

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We Americans have a great deal to learn from Asia, as they have demonstrated by adopting our technologies and integrating them into their daily lives.  In Singapore, when I am on public transport, it is the exception that someone is sitting without some sort of device attached – texting, chatting, watching a drama, or playing some game.  Technology has become …


The White House Calls on WeVideo Student Filmmakers

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Recently, our team connected with officials at the White House to discuss the best way to leverage WeVideo’s vast education network to build awareness of the White House Student Film Festival.  We are enthusiastic about the event and proud to be offering our support to the fest organizers by reaching out to the numerous talented student filmmakers using our video creation platform. …


Project-Based Learning in Singapore

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Operating under the motto “diligent in study and practice,” the Bukit Panjang Government High School (BPGHS) is among the top-ranked schools in Singapore, a country which itself vies for the number one spot on OECD’s prestigious PISA exam.  Though critical thinking is often touted as the cornerstone of Western education, explosive economic growth and smart policy making have propelled many countries …


On Ebola from Africa: Students Putting 21st Century Skills to Action

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Consider this for a moment. As the blight of Ebola decimates populations in West Africa and carves room on the cover page of every major press release, a group of teenagers in Accra, Ghana took it upon themselves to dispel misinformation surrounding the deadly virus. Seemingly unperturbed by the proximity of the outbreaks, they used one of their class video assignments at Lincoln …